Words and phrases we should never hear again

Have you ever heard a phrase that makes you cringe? Or one that has been repeated so many times that you never want to hear it again? Yeah, we all have. So, thanks to some help from my Twitter friends, I have come up with the ultimate list of words and phrases that should never be spoken again.

Here is the list of words that were received:

  1. “Party like a Rockstar”
  2. Adding “Uber” to anything
  3. “Maverick”
  4. Anything ending in “izzle”
  5. “24/7″
  6. “Swagger”
  7. “My Friends”
  8. “Fundamental”
  9. “Kewl”
  10. “Not a problem”
  11. “Thrown under the bus”
  12. “Straight talk express”
  13. “Thanks but no thanks”
  14. “Let’s take that offline”
  15. “Game changer”
  16. “OMG/OMFG”
  17. “Amen to that girlfriend”
  18. “Thanks for the follow”
  19. “Epic fail”
  20. “Dear internet…”
  21. “Ginormous”
  22. “Robust” – in any corporate environment

…and of course… A BIG THANK YOU TO: @karenswim, @susanconyers, @sessiondesigns, @jgogolin, @AllicatCO, @makasha, @uncommon_sense, @nitewing4u, @blissfulfun, @karenswim, @SuperGirl, @jmhelms, @greggscott, @bridjmon, @RobinBernstein…for your participation in the poll!

  • http://blog.einnoventions.com Tawny Press

    My least favorite saying: “Fair Enough”. I very much dislike when a sales person ends a call with me using that phrase. Does that mean my response to their pitch was only Fair? Or they had nothing more intelligent to say in response?

  • http://wordsforhirellc.com Karen Swim

    I am reading this list, alternately laughing and cringing! Thanks for asking the question and allowing us to contribute. Now to print and memorize! :-)

  • http://todaysbesttools.com Bob Toole

    My Friends, this is fundamentally kewl, OMFG, you’re like a maverick for coming up with the uber ginormous list for shizzle karenizzle. I was like totally on Twitter and partying like a rockstar like usual…you know, 24/7. I saw your tweet and I was like “lets take that offline” I’m like all cool with my swagger and stuff. I’ve like been likened to a straight talk express, saying what was on my mind. So yeah, saw your twitter prof and thought “she looks robust”. I clicked follow and I was like she is totally going to ignore that, this is going to be an epic fail as if I was better off being thrown under a bus. You know you’d be all like thanks but no thanks. But you followed up, what a game changer, and I was like “thanks for the follow” and you were like not a problem…OMG…It was like really cool. and to think that you were going to create this list…dear internet, what is next?

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  • http://www.camprunapup.com Katybeth Jensen

    My first visit thanks to Stickyfigures—what fun! I will subscribe and look forward to “more” fun and creative ideas in my RSS feeder. If my husband says “what I am trying to say is….” in regards to this election, one more time—-I might have to add him to your list!


  • pat

    at the end of the day
    moving forward

  • http://engage.uk.net robertbruce

    I vcannot stand it when I hear the inane use of “I need to ‘socialise’ the plan/idea/plan/resolution/cost with marketing….”!

    Especially when it is used by a klutz who thinks it’s great when I play buzzword bingo during meetings he boasts of and peppers his speeach with inappropriate buzzwords and icky phrases.


    I’ve never found out how to ‘socialise’ an idea in the corridors of power at a global corporation.

  • Pjordan

    “User friendly,” “creature comforts,” and “win-win.” They are already so outdated, they’ve all probably been condemned more than once.