The ABC’s of creativity

Active: You must stay active (mentally, physically or both) to stay creative

Boxes: Think outside them, inside them, above them, beyond them….

Curiosity: Because using creativity for ‘C’ wouldn’t have been creative!

Discovery: History has always found those who discover something new to be the most creative

Energy: In the form of natural energy or coffee, either way a sleepy mind isn’t a creative mind

Friends: Often the best ideas stem from a conversation with someone you know

Guess: Being right doesn’t make you creative. Sometimes the wrong guess can take you to the right place

Help: Get lost? Ask for directions. Lose your creative mojo? Ask for help.

Interest: If you don’t care about being creative you won’t be

Journey: If you can’t get creative in one environment, journey to another…

Kirsten: Ok, so it is a little self-promotion, but if you need creative ideas, you can always check here :-)

Laughter: IT can be a great cure for stress, which can lead to writers block…

Money: It is always easier to dedicate more time to being creative if you’re getting paid for it (mind you I didn’t say easier to be creative, just easier to spend time doing it)

Nerve: Sometimes it takes a little stiring of the pot to get something good

Openess: You have to be open to the crazy ideas to find the ones that work

Practice: Just like anything else in life, creativity takes practice. Keep doing it til you get it right

Quit: If you are having trouble getting (or staying focused) quit for a while and come back

Remember: A lot of times I will remember an old conversation and it can create a new idea

Stimulation: Find whatever stimulates you personally, and use it.

Twitter: By far one of the easiest ways to get my jiuces flowing – thousands of conversations to start an idea

Understand: Your Limits!! (read my past post on creative limits)

Variety: Try different foods, different websites, different anything to give yourself a new perspective

Words: As far as this blog is concerned, you can’t be creative without words.

X: I tried…I really did…but nothing I thought of for X was appropriate.

Youth: Or age. Try talking to someoneĀ of a different generation and see where it leads

Zzzzz: Sleep is something we don’t realize we miss until we’re already missing it. Without sleep the brain can’t function…never good for creativity.

Phew! 25 out of 26 ain’t bad! What do you think, is the list sufficient? What are your ‘creative words’?