10 bold moves for a more creative you – Day #2

Due to a question about the power/boldness  of my first creative idea, I decided to clarify why I chose these tips. Each tip over the next 9 days (and the one yesterday) have worked for either myself or someone I know personally. So, I have decided  to include a little about the story that inspired the bold move. These are not ‘fun ideas’ but actual moves that have been proven to work. Not all will work for everyone, but hopefully you can find at least one of the ten to help you.

Today is day 2 of the “10 bold moves to stir up your creativity”.

Bold Move #2:

Quit your job. There is nothing to spark a creative spirit like necessity. Now, I’m not recommending this if your family depends on you for its entire livelihood, but if you can survive without work for a couple weeks, try it. Find yourself what you want to do instead of just what you do. Take what you love and turn it into what you get paid for. Go for it. Don’t let conventional jobs and stereotypes stop you from pursuing your dream. You just may need that ‘push’ that quitting a job can give you to give you the ‘push’ to the job you want.

In 2007, I was working a job that paid well, but I was miserable. I knew that I wanted to be in marketing but was having trouble finding something I wanted. I was offered an opportunity to come to work part-time for an amazing woman and marketing entrepreneur, Adrianne Machina of Tornado Marketing,  and although it was a huge pay cut at first (since it later became full-time), it gave me the start I needed to get into the field that I truly love. It is almost 2 years later, and although I am no longer with that company, she is still my mentor and a great friend. Plus, I am still working and improving in marketing because of the chance that I took by quiting a job I hated for a part-time job I knew I would love.

So, what do you want to be doing? What’s stopping you?

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