10 must visit sites for anyone!

Last week, I asked everyone on twitter what their favorite websites were. But, I only talked about one that I liked (my own). Many people later asked me what other sites I liked. The problem was, I couldn’t define a category to stick with. There are so many posts out there about the 10 sites you must go to if…

…you’re into social media

…you like sports

…you’re a freelance writer

…you like wine

…you’re on twitter

…you play with photoshop

But what about the list for someone who is all of the above? Or, none of the above? I am personally all of the above and much more, and find that these type of lists rarely cover what I need. So, here are the 10 sites that I have found that (for the most part) no matter what you are into, will benefit you:

1. Twitter – This is a given, and almost everyone knows about the site, but it has so drastically changed my blog and my life that I have to talk about it.

2. Overstock.com – It doesn’t quite have the reach of Amazon or ebay yet, but it is a gem that I love and use every Christmas for my shopping. I can’t help but love it.

3,4&5. Google, Yahoo & Citysearch – There are a million search engines, but I am still a fan of the basics. Google for information, Yahoo Maps for directions and Citysearch for reviews on restaurants or place to go. Everyone has their own that they love, but often the ‘new and clever’ come out and we forget why we loved the old standards. I’ve tried the new ones – and gone back to these three. All 3 sites have had facelifts, and the usability couldn’t be better. If you haven’t looked at them in awhile, it may be worth checking back.

6. Roboform – Okay, so it isn’t a site you can ‘use’ but the auto-password tool that is roboform is totally worth the visit. At $30, there is no better way to handle your passwords. I am truly passionate about my roboform (and they don’t even reward me for soliciting them!).

7. Craigslist – Find anything from really ugly sheets to a great job. Honestly, the creators of this site were absolutely brilliant. The UI is simple and easy to navigate and the amount of listings are amazing. Yes, they have some issues with spammers trying to steal your money, but what site doesn’t? Next time you are trying to find a great something, check there first.

8. Stumbleupon – This is how I have found many of the random sites that I love, in addition to some great ideas for my blog!

9. Facebook – If you aren’t on it, you should be. It took me a while to finally join, but I am so glad that I did. It is a thousand times better than Myspace in every way.

10. Wikipedia – One can argue that although the site has good information, because it is peer edited, it can’t be trusted. I completely disagree. I think the fact that it is peer edited makes it easier to trust – everyone monitors everyone else! It is one of the best ways to get a quick answer to a burning question.

Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts on these sites or others…

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