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Today, problogger listed some of the best articles from some of the best bloggers and asked us to take a look. See which ones resonated, which we liked/disliked and why. I took a quick through the list and noticed a couple things right away. First, I have read all of them. Second, these are all articles from the other side. That means these are all articles they wrote after they were popular. I would love to see a post before they were – and then after they were, compare writing style, etc. No disrespect to any of these bloggers, they are all incredible and have done extremely well for themselves in the blog community, but none of these articles were actually life changing for me. What has changed my life was the combination of tactics in each of them, mixed with my own research and effort. I would definitely recommend reading these, but my thoguht is – the thing that will change your life as a blogger is YOU, not something you read. Although, meeting Chris Brogan in person and getting to talk about my style and my blog did change my life. Not because he is an amazing blogger, but because he is an amazing person who was willing to talk with me and help me to discover my true passion as a writer. Anyway, the point is, the way to be a better blogger is not by reading the best, but working to become the best yourself. Again, I would still recommend reading the blogs below, as they do have really good information, just don’t expect them to change your blog overnight…
Seth Godin from Seths Blog

Rand Fiskin from SEOmoz

Skellie from Skelliewag

Chris Garrett from ChrisG

Yaro Starak from Entrepreneurs Journey

Jeremy Schoemaker from Shoemoney

Maki from Dosh Dosh

Liz Strauss from Successful Blog

Daniel Scocco from Daily Blog Tips

Chris Brogan from

What do you think? Any of these blogs change your life? Or have a story about when something did?

  • Jeff Shuey

    Kirsten — Great content on this blog post. I have read and continue to read most of these bloggers regularly, but a few are new. Thanks for keeping this info in front of our eyes. There is so much great content out there — it’s nice to have a single reference source.
    – Jeff

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  • jerry reed


    Thank you for all the wonderful content you put out. Content if King, Consistency if Queen, so you are both.