8 writing sites to bookmark today!

If you couldn’t tell, I love to write. Absolutely passionate about writing. And it’s something that I do very well (not to sound conceited…). But, great writing isn’t born overnight. It takes practice, effort, training and did I mention practice? All writers have resources that we use when we need to improve our writing, but some writers would prefer not to admit that. I have no problem admitting I use other websites for advice, and even more, I like sharing those websites with other writers. I Have shared some of my best writing posts that I have written on my writing tips page, but those are just a tiny piece of the world of writing tips out there. So, here are a few tips from other writers (some from published authors, some from others like me, who write for fun and work).

1. The Economists style guide – this is the guide that they give to each columnist for the economist. My favorite section is the common misspellings. Although almost everything has spell check, it is still good to learn to spell better.

2. 3 killer words – Copyblogger is not one of my favorite bloggers, however this post was well written and definitely one i look back at often

3. Writer’s Prompts – The writer’s digest put together a great list of writing prompts that allow you to just start writing which is one of the easiest ways to improve your writing.

4. Misused words & phrases – As often as I use some of these words/phrases, I often forget which means which. This is a great resource to make sure you are choosing the right one

5. Jack Kerouac – strange, eclectic, incredible. His 30 tips for writing.

6. Thinkexist.com – ever wanted to find the perfect quote for a post or a story, this is where to find it.

7.  Futureisfiction – One of my side projects is a novel that I am working on. This site really helps when I am struggling with ‘punishing’ a character that I love

8. Descriptive words – whenever I am at a loss for the right word, I can just turn to this list. It has words for all types of categories, and really helps break word block. Sometimes just one of these words can help me create an entire post.

Let me know what you think of the articles – or if there are any that you use to help improve your writing.

  • http://getstimulustoday.com Matches Malone

    Great list, Kirsten. I especially like #8, simply because I write screenplays :)

    Matches Malone’s last blog post..Watchmaker Update

  • http://wwwjackbenimble.blogspot.com Jack

    Thank you for this. I never grow tired of reading great tips for improving our writing skills.

    Jack’s last blog post..‘Men Live Better Where Women Are In Charge’