5 websites to improve your blog headlines

I have found that the most difficult part of writing my blog posts is the headlines. I can write content all day long, but when it comes to trying it all together under on neat little title, I tend to fall a little short. So, over the next month, my goal is to really work on improving my headlines (of course, I’d love your thoughts on them too!). In order to improve my headlines, I have been studying other writers headlines. Here are 5 websites that I have found with great headlines:

1. Perez Hilton. I explained this one a while ago, and I stick to my claim that he has incredible headlines. We can all take a cue from his style.

2. Copyblogger. While I am not an avid reader of the site, there are some killer suggestions in the content on header writing (and obviously, they work, judging by his traffic). Plus, they are usually about business so they fit into my writing more effectively.

3. HotAir. Whether you are conservative or liberal, you can’t ignore good headlines. Hot Air creates some awesome headlines for their own posts, but also feature other great articles (with killer headlines). I love the hints of sarcasm and word choices…

4. Awkward Family Photos (or a similar humor site). While these sites have nothing to do with business, their titles are almost always clever and eye catching. For example, a couple days ago, the headline was “Eye Contact (back by popular demand“, funny right? Also makes you want to click, which is the point!

5. Angry Julie Monday. This is the only one on the list that isn’t a “professional blogger” which is exactly why I added her. She doesn’t have hours to spend coming up with these titles. She works, raises a family, and still her titles, like this week’s “Squirrels in my pants, what?” are always clever and creative. Plus they are usually on point (read it, you’ll get it) which makes them even more impressive.

Whose headlines do you love/recommend?

  • http://www.thedeepbench.com Mike Billeter

    Another example of some great headlines comes from the often (almost always) NSFW Cracked.com. Their random Top 5 or Top 7 lists are almost always hilarious and have headlines that compel you to check them out.

    Some examples include: “7 Man-Made Substances that Laugh in the Face of Physics,” “How 7 Iconic Movie Characters Would Do In a Zombie Attack” and “5 Self-Destructive Ways People Accidentally Cured Themselves.”

    How could you NOT want to read those stories? On that note, be aware that those are all hilarious and, for the most part, not safe for work.

    Also, great examples in your post, Kirsten. Copyblogger’s headlines (and their various “tips for headline writing” posts) are always fantastic.
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