I’m a pretty big deal on the internet

One simple tweet from @sbonnin to the world… “For our family’s that don’t get us, we need a t-shirt that says “I’m a Pretty Big Deal on the Internet”” …has become a reality today!
I'm a pretty big deal on the internet


…You have tons of twitter followers.

…You blog like a fiend and have lots of great readers.

…You take pictures of your food so you can talk about it.

…You are the online poker pro.

…Your BB/iPhone/Pre/etc is always attached to your hip.

…You can Whrrl with the best of them.

…You love Facebook and the connections it provides you.

…You seriously rock at online games.

And no IRL understands why you do what you do??

Then this is your shirt :)

It tells everyone, that while they may not get you, there are a lot of people that do! Of course, it is 100% cotton and made by District Threads so you know they are going to be super comfy! And don’t forget…Free Shipping on EVERY order!!! So what are you waiting for??


And if you want to show off your internet power with a button on your site? Grab the code below the text:

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