Consumers decide on the worst company in America…

The Consumerist, in the spirit of March Madness, has created The 2010 Worst Company in America bracket. Currently, the bracket has just finished round two and looks like this (click to visit the full image):

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Basically, each day, they pit another two companies against eachother (yesterday and today started the sweet 16 battles) and the one that gets the most votes as the worst company wins that round. The final match will determine the worst company in America. The first round of battles were based on industry, like Verizon vs AT&T (AT&T was worse) and Microsoft vs Apple (Apple was the worst). But, as it moves on, different industries will be battling each other. If you want to vote in each face off, make sure to check the link above and subscribe to that category.

I think that is is not only brilliant, but very interesting to think about. The only rule they had for nominating companies in the beginning was that they had to regularly provide goods or services directly to consumers. Once all the nominations were in, they tallied up the votes and created the brackets. Looking at the list, you’ll notice one thing – every company on here has made a lot of people very wealthy. These are not small businesses, and for the most part, are businesses that we work with on a daily basis. More than that, although many of us hate these companies, we still have to work with them because either someone we work with does or they are the only option. For example, I despise everything about AT&T, but have to deal with it on a daily basis because others use their pathetic services. I also find it interesting which companies are voted the worst…in this case, look at Apple vs Microsoft. I can not count the number of people who are “Apple this and Apple that” but when it came down to votes, more people thought Apple (pardon the pun) was the bad seed.

Anyway, I personally think this is a great way to give consumers a bit of a voice, and maybe show some of these big bad companies that they aren’t as great as they think they are.

Oh, and based on news stories, problems with the company and consumer reports recently… I’m thinking that GM and AT&T will face off in the Championship match, and GM will take the title of worst company in America.

Which company do you think it will be?