It’s Wednesday, here’s some things you need to stop doing.

  1. Stop trying to sell me your crap every second status update and tweet. I get it, you sell doodads. If I want a doodad, I’ll come find you. Until then, let’s try normal conversations, okay?
  2. Stop talking on the phone inside of stores and restaurants. It’s rude to the people who work there and the people visiting. No one wants to hear your conversation.
  3. Stop with the “my life is so dramatic but I am not telling you why so you have to ask me what’s wrong” posts. Your life is fine, it’s you who has issues, and we’re all tired of it.
  4. Stop pretending you’re a “social media expert” just because you’ve been on twitter since before Oprah, have a facebook page and a quora account. If you have to claim you are, you’re not.
  5. Stop thinking that Steve Jobs is a god and that the products he creates are the epitome of perfection. Apple is not the be-all end-all company. Get over it.
  6. Stop blaming the economy for your business slowing down and start working harder. Money isn’t falling from the sky, so what? Go figure out where it is!
  7. Stop letting your children control you. If they are acting up, take them home. Allowing them to throw a tantrum in the middle of a store and doing nothing about it makes you a bad parent.
  8. Stop sending me a request to be a fan of your page every other day. I get it, you need fans. But you’re gonna lose a friend if you keep it up.
  9. Stop expecting high quality services for cheap. You wouldn’t expect to buy a Mercedes at a Honda price, would you?
  10. Stop thinking you can’t be amazing. Anyone can be amazing with the effort and drive – so what’s stopping you?

What do you think people need to stop doing?

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  • Anonymous

    I think people should stop telling people what to do in lists. If you have time to compile such lists you clearly need more work. Go out and find it.

    People who don’t have kids should not be judgmental about other parents. YOU HAVE NO IDEA what you are talking about.

    • Anonymous

      Well – at least you added “wink” to take some of the venom out of that one…

    • Loren Nason

      I have two kids.

      I know what it is like

      I agree with Kirsten


  • Paul

    I have kids…I agree.
    I actually agree with every single line item. I hope influxx is kidding and I am going to assume he/she is. if not… people that have time to comment on peoples lists clearly need more work to do…go find it.
    As for Apple and Steve Jobs- Couldn’t agree more. I just spent over almost 2 hours unable to get my coworkers ipad to sync properly. First there was an hour of update waiting time…then it continued to tell me there were 10 pics to sync and it would only sync 5. YES. I am using this platform to vent.
    Kirsten- You brighten my day! Thanks for the post and the shoulder to lean on.

    • Anonymous

      Oh geez – I would have thrown that stinking ipad out the window! More than happy to make you smile.

  • Ricardo Bueno

    People need to stop writing me emails IN ALL CAPS! SERIOUSLY, WHAT’S WITH ALL THE YELLING??

    • Anonymous


  • Bill King

    Three things:
    1. Apple is a superior product, but Jobs is not a god, just a good (and lucky) CEO;
    2. Tantrum-ignoring can be effective, but a store is not the place to do it, even though it’s probably a huge inconvenience to leave (a quick time-out outside the store and in the car may solve the problem);
    3. The phone-talking also sucks at the gym and when I’m driving behind you and you have it to your ear;
    4. Okay, there’s 4. I’m amazing. 😉

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree with #3. Definitely obnoxious.

  • Anonymous

    Kirsten, This is one of your very best ever, ever, ever. Thnaks.