In 2009, I started Wright Creativity, a solo run social media agency working with consumer brands. I managed campaigns for clients across the spectrum, from restaurants and daily deal sites to a international MMA fight brand and an international tire brand. This past August, I made the decision to join a start-up social agency in Orange County as the Director of Social Media (and Director of Community Development). However, as with any start-up, there is a risk that they will have to lay-off team members to survive.

And unfortunately, that was the case here. So as of today, I am looking for new employment.

The first question, of course, is why not just start Wright Creativity back up? And my answer is, for now, I will. I am going to be taking on consulting and strategy clients starting immediately.

However, working with the agency for the last 8 months, I learned a few things about myself. Most importantly being: I love working with a team again, and bringing the ‘social’ back into social media.

It is because of this that I am ideally looking for another full time position, either with:

  • A social media agency. Preferably managing the implementation team overseeing the creation of strategy, campaigns, analytics and development. My passion lies in the creativity that I can bring with unique ideas and incredible results for campaigns, and working with clients & an internal team is the best of both.
  • A consumer brand. The majority of my experience in social is with creating success for consumer brands (automotive, sports and fashion). I love how connected the fans are, and have a multitude of ideas to bring to the table to help a brand get to the next level.

Regardless of which, I’d prefer to find a company located in Orange County area (LA or SD are possible with the right ability to telecommute or work remotely a few days a week).

So, how can you help?

  1. Immediately – if you know anyone looking for social media consulting or strategy support, either virtually or in the OC, please send them my way.
  2. With a full-time  positionmy complete resume is available to share, or you can share my linkedin profile, twitter handle, email…and of course, this post can be forwarded as well.
  3. Personally – a few good thoughts would be great! Life has an interesting way of working itself out – and I know with a little work and some awesome friends and connections, it will in this case as well.

Thanks in advance to all of you – for supporting the Wright Creativity blog and any help you may be able to lend in my hunt for a new position.


  • Chelsea Pearl

    Sorry to hear about the news, Kirsten. I haven been there too and know the feeling. But, it sounds like you’re a true go-getter who’s able to swiftly react to changes and it’s great that you can clearly define what you’re looking for next. Your future employer will be lucky to have you on board. Best of luck on your search!

    • Kirsten Wright

       Chelsea, thank you for the comment & connecting on linkedin :) I look forward to connecting more in the future!

  • Cindy Ronzoni

    Thanks for the update so we can now be on the look out for you. So sorry to hear that the agency had to downsize. It sounded amazing and had a stellar team. I always cheer for new enterprises. See you soon.

    • Kirsten Wright

       Cindy, thank you for the kind words. I miss being around all the #smmoc group and definitely want to try coming by soon.

  • Mitch Devine

    Kirsten, thanks for sharing your story via the blog and for keeping it positive! Best of luck with all your future endeavors. I will keep an eye out for suitable opportunities for you. 

    • Kirsten Wright

       Mitch, thank you! I look forward to seeing you Thursday night!

  • pcnerd37

    Sorry to hear you lost your job :(  I’m sure somebody will hire you soon as they would be a fool not to!

    • Kirsten Wright

       I’d like to think so 😉

  • Oakley Boren

    Nooooo! We’re on the same boat, sister. And probably will be applying for the same jobs! But because you’re awesome, I’ll be looking out for you as well. :)  Good luck to the both of us! (And perhaps we can do lunch next week?…)

    • Kirsten Wright

       Oakley, your support really does mean a lot to me. Thanks for thinking of me with the ticket for the event Thursday, and we definitely should do lunch. Maybe we can get Annette & Christine to join us?

  • Marie Walker Riddle

    I am going to call you tomorrow.  I want to talk about doing some joint ventures together.  :)  I think we would make a good team.  :0

    • Kirsten Wright


      I look forward to it – I would LOVE to to a project (or a few…) with you :)

  • Tony Ford

    Thanks for a great post, I will use it as a template! Short and informative as ever, catchya from downunder

    • Kirsten Wright

       Thanks Tony – feel free to let me know where you share it!

  • Jerryreed

    Kirsten, I wish you good luck. I will keep the good thoughts. With your ability I think you will find the right opportunity really soon.

  • Sonia Marsh/Gutsy Living

     You need to wear your cowboy hat again for good luck. I know great things are on their way Kirsten.

  • Ruben Orozco

    With your Top Talent Kirsten you will find jobs very soon. Stay Positive and Good Luck! Ill retweet your tweet for this post

  • Mike Wilton

    Sorry to hear about the layoff, but hopefully it brings something new and exciting your way. Good luck on the search and I’ll let you know if I come across anything.

  • Ari Herzog


    Wow. Thought they asked you to join them.

    Welcome to my life: networking, interviewing, networking some more, and questioning the self.

    • Kirsten Wright


      Thank you so much for the comment. It is definitely a tough situation. But, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and this will lead to something better. Of course, there is definitely some questioning time…but I am excited to see what will happen next.

  • ProfileTree

    I know there is something better out there for you. :) keep it up!