Improve your social strategy by: giving twice and taking once.

Today, we wrap up the Improve your social strategy series.
Alan Bleiweiss said it’s through more footwork.
Calvin Lee explains customer service is key.
Sheldon Levine points out you need to understand your audience.
Steve Woodruff knows real life is important too.

Suzanne Broughton closes out the week with her advice:

Who are you? Suzanne Broughton (@SuzBroughton on twitter)
Where are you from? Huntington Beach
What do you do? VP of Digital at Churm Media
For what industry? Publishing
How long have you been in social? Five Years
And, your 1 way to improve your social strategy is? I use the “Give Twice, Take Once” motto when using social media. You should always be giving more — advice, help, promotion — to the people who follow you than taking from them. Turn your auto responses off. Stop only posting your own links. Start interacting in a more real way.

What was the best piece of social advice from the week? What social strategy advice would YOU add?