Improve your social strategy by: meeting with people in real-life

This is the fourth installment of the series of experts giving their opinions on the 1 way to improve a social strategy:

Who are you? I am Steve Woodruff, the Connection Agent – which means that I practice a trusted referral business model. I believe in creating networks of high quality people in order to open up new business opportunities and optimally meet market needs.

Where are you from? I tell people that I live in New Jersey. It still doesn’t feel like “home” even after 28 years! I’m originally from Connecticut with a 7-year tenure in Tennessee before moving back to the Northeast.

What do you do? I have two main active businesses currently. Impactiviti is my pharma “matchmaking” business, where I bring together large clients with outsource suppliers through my trusted referral network. I also help entrepreneurs and companies identify their professional DNA and go-to-market message through intensive sessions I call “Brand Therapy.”

For what industry? I am the eHarmony of the pharmaceutical training and marketing industry (Impactiviti). Brand Therapy can be for any sector.

How long have you been in social? Lightly, with LinkedIn – probably 8 years. Heavily, with blogging and Twitter and all the other platforms – about 6 years.

And, your 1 way to improve your social strategy is? Meet with people in real-life. Really – all the social media stuff is a way to “pre-meet” people. It’s great in and of itself, but my experience has been that ties and collaboration happen at a much deeper level once I’ve enjoyed face time with the great folks in my network (including Kirsten Wright!)

You can find more from Steve on Twitter too @swoodruff

Does Steve’s social strategy tip fit with you?