14 tasks you can do in under 30 minutes that will make a HUGE impact on your social strategy

Social strategy takes a serious time commitement. But, some of the daily tasks of social can be done quickly if you know what you need to be doing! These 14 daily tasks can be done in under 20 minutes (I tested them to be sure) and will help immensely in your overall goals.

So start your timer, and start doing:


  • Create a simple image and post it with an easy to answer question that will create debate (example from MagnaFlow’s Facebook: Gas vs Diesel trucks)
  • Check for new fan posts that are worth displaying on the fan page – 1 per day should be the goal.


  • Follow 5 new people who are a mix between what you do in business and in your personal time – this will make for more meaningful (and fun!) conversations.
  • Reply to 4 new people you’d like to connect with further. Taking the initiative to connect pays off!


  • Spend 4 minutes writing down every idea you can for new videos – thought points, shots, interviews, etc. Keep in a document to add to over time.
  • Comment on a video in your industry with an add-value or a strong question.


  • Share one of your old posts on one of the social platforms. Blog  posts with solid content, even months old, can add a lot of value to your network.
  • Write for 5 minutes straight about whatever you’re thinking. Save as a draft and come back to it later.


  • Ask 1 new person for a recommendation that you’ve worked with recently.
  • Update your status!


  • Find an image you can pin first or upload to a board – starting a chain is better for traffic.
  • Find 3 images, and choose one to comment on, one to like & repin the third.


  • Follow 1 new person who shares interesting images outside of your general audience
  • Take a new photo and share it just to instagram. It’s important to make some images exclusive to one platform.


  • Mary Gallagher

    great thoughts. I’m taking it on–but, slowly, like a child….

    • http://twitter.com/kirstenwright Kirsten Wright

      As long as you are starting, that’s all that matters!

  • http://twitter.com/skhamilton SusanHamilton

    Way to break it down, Kirsten! This will help a lot of people FOCUS, myself included:) People really need encouragement and guidance in these areas. If we’re not extremely careful, social media can be a terrible time-suck instead of an engagement tool.

    • http://twitter.com/kirstenwright Kirsten Wright

      Thanks Susan! I am glad that it is helpful and I hope you’ll continue to be focused :)

  • dnesbitt

    Great list Kirsten. One of the few out there with the user in mind. Thanks for recognizing we’re not all robots.