Dear social media, here’s my wish list…

I wish…

  1. Twitter had built in analytics for the average user (facebook & youtube do!).
  2. You could view an instagram profile (& follow/unfollow) from a computer.
  3. When downloading facebook insights, you could pre-select the columns in the spreadsheet to download.
  4. Google analytics had an inherent social filter as a source category.
  5. LinkedIn would allow for a more branded business page.
  6. You could pin images directly from Facebook to pinterest with a link back – even if just from brand pages.
  7. Twitter had a ‘sort followers’ ability (alphabetic, location, etc).
  8. Facebook brand pages could choose where ‘recommendations’ and ‘posts from fans’ show on the page
  9. You could have a pin be shown on multiple boards (without re-pinning it to the other)
  10. Google+ profiles showed if you were connected to the person on other channels they share so you know how you know them.
  11. #hashtagshadamaximumlengthbecausethisisridiculousbutokaytodoperregulations
  12. You could click on multiple people to reply to at the same time in hootsuite without having to drag & drop them in
  13. Mobile apps worked as well for the platform as the website…

What is on your social media wish list?

  • gorillamonk

    2. soon, Facebook is going to be publishing Instagram to the web.

    12. Hootsuite doesn’t have a “reply all”?

    13. Most phones are getting better mobile web browsers, the mobile sites are going to be phased out and useless soon.

    • Kirsten Wright

      2. Glad to hear it!!!
      12. It does, but if you have multiple tweets from people that all can be replied to with one tweet, you have to add them each one by one into the tweet
      13. I hope so…I hate some of the apps (especially the FB one)

  • marketing expertise

    Totally with you on #5! LinkedIn could be some much more happening, when are they going to get it together!

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