12 things brands forget about content that kills their results

  1. Clever content is only clever if your fans get it, like it and share it.
  2. Quadruple check your facts. Spreading incorrect data just because you didn’t take the time to make 1000% sure it was true is a poor excuse for making a mistake.
  3. You only need to write as much as it takes to make your point.
  4. Bold, italic and all-caps can be your friend, or worst enemy. Use wisely.
  5. Stop talking about everything your product can do, and start talking about what it does for me.
  6. Good visuals can make the difference in whether your content gets shared.
  7. Bait and switch may work once or twice, but also pisses people off. Is it worth it?
  8. While controversy works to start a conversation, solid content is what continues it.
  9. Spell check. Grammar check. Everything check. A misplaced letter or comma instantly destroys credibility.
  10. People like people, not robots. Human responses are always better than stock replies.
  11. Know where  you’re posting – different sites demand different content, tailor it to the right audience!
  12. Don’t ever, ever, ever post something after you’ve had anything that might inhibit your decision making, because it’s guaranteed you’ll make the wrong choice.

What things do you see about content that brands forget (and then suffer for later)?

  • marketing expertise

    Fantastic post – 12 spot-on points from top to bottom – it’s like you read my mind!

    It seems so elementary but so many businesses (usually the bigger they are the further they rocket off the road in their fiery crash and burn) get it so absolutely bass ackwards!

    The forced “cleverness” is like a hot poker in my eye – you’re not a comedian – and even if you were, what does your “witty” turn of phrase have to do with what you’re selling: absolutely nothing!!!

    ME-ME-ME self-centeredness, ridiculous and egregiously puffed up false statements of “fact,” shameless shameless bait’n’switch (which is such a total effed up BUZZ KILL), and on and on…

    I guess they’ll never learn…until it’s too late.

  • http://gregoryventures.com/ Rick Gregory

    Love this post – and completely agree with “marketing expertise” that you’re spot-on. Thanks for taking the time to create it!

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