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Facebook Advertising Objectives: Which is Right For My Campaign?

Facebook Advertising offers brands a myriad of distinct ways to design an advertising campaign. But for a brand trying to find success in the Facebook Ad game, these seemingly endless options can be daunting. Facebook provides 13 Objectives, 5 Placements & 4 Formats to choose from for an advertising campaign, but the minimal description of […]


Instagram Advertising: The basics

Why Instagram Advertising? Instagram claims that they are driving huge engagement and conversion levels – much higher than Facebook has ever been able to do. Of course, they never share the poor case studies, but with how seamless Instagram advertising feels to the platform, it isn’t a surprise that they are getting solid numbers. In addition, Instagram users […]


Is your Facebook Campaign Built For Success?

The use of a Facebook page as a part of your digital marketing strategy is an exercise in futility without a strategy and a budget for Facebook campaigns. Yes, you can organically grow a Facebook page; reach people, engage an audience and develop a community without spending a dime… but it is slow, frustrating and can completely […]