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Digital Marketing Road Map



Create a strategy specific to your brand & industry for all social, digital, event and promotional channels which will lend itself to repeat-ability with minor goal changes for future months and years.


The Digital Marketing Road Map, designed specifically for your brand, which includes three core pieces:

  1. Strategic & Tactical Guideline – the complete strategy and tactical guideline, covering all platforms, channels and integration goals.
  2. Support Documents – Plug and play documents for trackability, content and ROI
  3. Meetings – Working with the internal team to define the goals and then train on the use of the guideline and documents.

The size and scope of the Digital Marketing Road Map is dependent on budget and timeline. The Road Map can be built in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month & 12 month chunks and can be scaled up or down as determined by the brands unique needs. A complete 12 month Road Map includes everything below.

Strategic & Tactical Guideline

Brand Message

Clearly define the brand message for the social/digital space and create the strategic outline for cross channel promotion and integration.

Brand Voice

Develop keywords, phrasing and styling for copy and content creation for each of product line genres.

Social Media Content

Outline the type of content, how often, strategic goals, and the content checklist to determine validity within the campaign strategies.

User Generated Content

Strategic plan for collecting content, vetting the content, outline of the reward structure for using the content and plan for using the content/promotions.


Complete process for developing and executing a sponsorship program, including how someone qualifies, what is expected, the follow up emails and how to track the results.


Suggestions for campaigns to drive targetted traffic back to the website and convert more sales. Analysis of existing ecomm structure, including UI/UX/SEO.


Complete breakdown of spend per platform based on provided budget and the reporting structure to measure return on that spend.

Customer Service

Develop a FAQ document which will allow for customer service management on social channels, and the process for soliciting questions, responding to questions and escalation strategy


Outline of goals, defined by the brand expectations, timeline, budget and strategy.

Support Documents

Content Calendar Template

Excel spreadsheet: Complete yearly outline for content based on the strategy and tactics outlined in the guideline with ROI trackability, budget planning and examples of suggested content and camapaigns.

Analytics Report

Excel Spreadsheet: Documentation on how to collect all analytics information from the specific channels and the explanation of use of the analytics report for tracking ROI and results. (fully formulated, drop in numbers)

Sponsorship Document

Word & PDF document: Application to be placed on the website or sent to potential sponsorees to collect the information needed to determine validity and establish contractual obligations.


Initial Set Up

1 full day on site to meet the team that will be executing the document. Collect all needed information on brand, current asset details, campaign goals and budget.

Training & Deliverables

1 full day on site to provide the completed document to the team, train on usage of the guideline and the support documents. Additional training time is available at a rate of $150/hour via phone or email under separate contract.

The Digital Marketing Road Map starts at $2500 and increases based on detail, content deliverables and meeting schedules. All conversations regarding pricing is had once we have been able to discuss what is needed and the expected timeline. Let’s get started!