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Instagram Advertising: The basics

Why Instagram Advertising?

Instagram claims that they are driving huge engagement and conversion levels – much higher than Facebook has ever been able to do. Of course, they never share the poor case studies, but with how seamless Instagram advertising feels to the platform, it isn’t a surprise that they are getting solid numbers. In addition, Instagram users miss 70 percent of the posts that show up in their feeds, meaning they only see 30 percent of the content posted by users and brands they follow. The new Instagram algorithm will impact this number even more (it’s definitely not improving organic reach), making advertising on Instagram a must for brands.

The Good News
  • Instagram advertising pricing has gone the way of Facebook, with low-cost advertising options. Twitter is the last of the social media platforms with absurdly high minimums ($3k+ month).
  • Brands have 3 different options for ad campaign formats: carousel ads, using multiple images in one post and :30-second videos (instead of just :15).
  • The Instagram advertising objectives are just as strong as Facebook. They offer clicks to the website, website conversions, branding/reach, engagement & video views. Instagram also offers an additional objective – Mass Awareness – which creates some incredible campaigns, but is currently still only available via Instagram Rep.
  • It removes the ‘no links in the post’ issue. The call to action button opens the door to creativity and real tracking with website clicks/conversions.
  • Don’t have an Instagram for your business? You can still run ads there, using your Facebook page as the connector.

Instagram Advertising Formats

The Bad News

There is always some – and in this case, it’s the perception of advertising on Instagram. Of course, this isn’t a new issue. When advertising rolls out on any platform, the users are unhappy. Which is ridiculous. Social Media platforms can’t exist without advertising. If you love Instagram, you should be appreciative for the brands willing to spend money on advertising.

So, Why Instagram Advertising?

Because your brand is worth the investment and the flexibility of the platform is brilliant. With the right strategy, content and imagery – I firmly agree with Instagram’s assessment of their reach and conversions.

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