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The Instagram Algorithm Is Here. Have You Been Effected Yet?

instagram algorithm changesWe knew it was coming – it has been in the works since March and after an initial outcry and no roll out, it slipped from the minds of the users. But, as of this week, it looks like the Instagram algorithm update is here to stay. (At least until they update it again). For this round, the update means 3 things:

  1. The order in which you see your content will no longer be chronological.
  2. The content you see first will be based on (speculating here…) the Facebook algorithm: affinity, weight & time decay.
  3. Brands will have to spend money on the platform to make sure that people see their content.

Facebook didn’t buy Instagram for $1 Billion because they liked the #selfies people took. They wanted access to the data, the users & the ability to launch advertising on the platform. And keeping the platform controlled by when the users post vs an algorithm they design is not good for business.


The Instagram Algorithm and Users.

Yes – it’s irritating. It kind of defeats the purpose of the name “INSTA”gram… but it doesn’t really do much else. You’re not leaving Instagram because of it. Instagram will still be an amazing place to share photos and videos, and for most, the effect will be minimal. The content (and users) you engage with will remain your top content, you’ll see a few more ads, and you won’t particularly see things in chronological order. But the good news is, people will still be taking a million and one #selfies for you to comment on!

The Instagram Algorithm and Brands.

For brands who have already been advertising with Instagram, you’ve probably noticed what started as a requirement of a $5k ad spend minimum, through specific ad partners and a multi month commitment has turned into an open ad platform accessible through the main Facebook ad manager. This update means that there are going to be even more options for advertising at a lower price point, giving brands that couldn’t afford to advertise a fighting chance.

Personally, I have no issue with the change, I will still see the content from my friends and might discover some new brands I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

And from a brand standpoint, I have even less of an issue. The update means brands will need strategic planning and advertising to reach their audience, which is great for my business.

Have you been effected by the Instagram algorithm update? What are your thoughts on the change?

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