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Social Media Campaign Management


The use of social media as a part of your digital marketing strategy is an exercise in futility without a strategy, and a budget for social media campaigns.

But Social Media is Free?

Yes, you can organically grow a Facebook page, twitter profile or Instagram account; reach people, engage an audience and develop a community without spending a dime… but it is slow, frustrating and can completely ineffective in delivering sales.

Can’t I just create some ads and get people to click?

Again, of course you can. You can just post a link and tell people what you sell and hope that it’s enough to get them to buy your product. But would that work on you? Social Media Campaign Management is more than just buying ads and hoping that people engage or purchase, it is about developing a long term strategy to increase sales and engagement and build a community that trusts your brand.

So, I need Social Media Campaign Management?

If you’re looking for success in social media, yes. We manage every piece of the puzzle, from inception to completion and everywhere in between. Every campaign includes:

  1. Well defined and realistic OBJECTIVES
  2. Step by step TACTICS to achieve said goal
  3. Strong CONTENT, both in copy and imagery
  4. TRACKING on all pieces of the campaigns, links and content
  5. Positive RESULTS with the ability to modify & improve future campaigns

Stop throwing money at social media campaigns without proper planning and just assuming that you will see results. It’s time to make an impact.

Social Media Campaign Management starts at $1000/month and increases based on number of campaigns, asset creation, content deliverables and meeting schedules. This plan will integrated seamlessly and expand upon a Digital Marketing Road Map (purchased separately). Let’s get started!