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Looking to add a digital and social strategist to your team but prefer your client not know it’s an outside resource? No problem!

I work with small and large agencies in a variety of industries – most recently automotive and action sports as well as luxury makeup and fashion – all under white label relationships.

Why would this be helpful?

Many agencies keep a small permanent staff and add contractors when needed so the agency is flexible as the workload increases and decreases. However, when a client knows that the help is from an external source, they often feel like there will be hidden cost or privacy concerns. Having a white label social strategist allows the client to feel safer within the relationship. Clients want your agency to be large enough to service what they need. You need to be small enough to be flexible. White Labeled Services from Wright Creativity allows you to have both.

How does a White Label Social Strategist work?
  • Your agency gives me a title within the company (temporary) that fits the expected deliverables.
    • Examples: Senior Social Strategist; Director of Social Strategy
  • I will attend client facing meetings, present to the client and deliver results on agency templates.
  • For communications, I will be either blind copied or provided with an internal email address.
  • My company and other clients remain private, and your client will never be pitched on extra services from me.
  • All internal agency conversation is kept completely confidential.

The scope of work will define pricing. Before your agency finalizes a contract with a client, we should analyze what is needed, expected hours and rates. Confidentiality of Client extends for a minimum of 6 months after the completion of a campaign.

Build the team you need to deliver the results your client expects. Let’s get started!